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Gourmet Republik

Gourmet Republik is a new burger joint that opened up before Ramadan, specializing in wagyu, angus and chicken burgers! They also serve grilled chicken and other sides, including some amazing hot wings.

You can see their website here and follow them here on Twitter and Instagram for updates and deals!

What did we order?

For starters we ordered a selection of wings (there are normally 4 large wings per portion). Below are the Buffalo wings [£5.95] , which are tender chicken wings covered in a delicious and tangy glaze and served with their house salad on the side. We loved the size of these wings and also how well they were marinated and cooked; they were flavored to the bone and the chicken was tender.

Buffalo Wings

These are the Original BBQ wings [£5.05], tender chicken wings covered in a deliciously thick house made BBQ sauce. We were torn between these and the Buffalo wings, but we decided on these as our favorite. If you are a BBQ fan then these are the wings for you! These wings were also more saucy than the buffalo.

Orginal BBQ wings

The sweet and sticky wings [£5.05] were tender chicken wings covered in a deliciously thick and smoky sweet glaze. These were more of an asian style wing, and were just as saucy as the BBQ wings. For us, the flavours of the Buffalo and BBQ stood out more!

Sweet and Sticky Wings


We obviously had to start by ordering a Wagyu burger [£14.95] Wagyu meat is known for being soft and tender and dry aged for 21 days. Theirs was topped with salad, cheese and finished with sun-blended red tomato mayonnaise and crispy red onions, all encased in a soft brioche bun. You can defo taste the difference between the wagyu meat and regular, its very tender. I especially loved the taste of the wagyu with their red tomato mayonnaise, and I like how this burger is more simple so you can appreciate the taste of the wagyu.

Wagyu Burger

We also ordered another wagyu burger with additional chicken rashers and onion rings. Their onion rings could have been better, seeing as all other items were better quality. All burgers come with a house salad, which has additional pomegranates and raisins in it- which is unusual but yummy!

Wagyu burger with onion rings and chicken rashers

The king pin [£12.95] is made from two hand pressed beef patties served with salad, melted cheese, red pepper relish, stacked with curly fries and chicken rashers. This epic burger is tasty on every level- from the meat to the curly fries to the rashers. The chicken rashers went so well with the melted cheese and beef patties.

The King Pin burger

As you can see this is a pretty epic burger for someone who is extra hungry!

The King Pin burger

Truffle Burger [£9.95] the meat is seasoned with hawaiian black lava sea salt and indonesian long pepper served with salad and cheddar cheese, and finished with a hint of truffle mayo. This combination of flavours really works well together, and is good for adventurous eaters. We thought the truffle mayo could have been more prominent in the burger though!

The Truffle Slider

The Gourmet Slider [£11.95] three mini versions of their 3 signature burgers: the classic cheese burger, smoked chicken and aberdeen angus burger. This meal was one we would definitely order again, as although you miss out on the wagyu, getting to try all the 3 other burgers was great. It also means that taste wise your tastebuds don’t get bored as you get to try a range of items. We especially loved the grilled chicken burger.

The gourmet sliders meal

This is a close up shot of the classic cheese slider.

Classic Cheese Slider

A close up shot of the grilled chicken slider. I wanted to try some of their whole grilled chicken after sampling this as their chicken was so good! But we were full by then!

Grilled Chicken Slider

A close up of the aberdeen angus slider.

Aberdeen angus slider

We also got to try a sample of their new desserts menu which will include a lotus milkshake! We have been dying to have another lotus milkshake since trying one at Salt and the guys here at Gourmet Republik have hit the nail on the head with this one. This was one of the best milkshakes I have had- smooth, cold, sweet and with the perfect amount of lotus (or biscoff) mixed in. I will be back for this one!

Lotus Mllkshakes


We enjoyed all the items that we tried including sides and starters, and we also think this restaurant has great potential with new menu items. They might be serving traditional burgers but we like how they are trying to shake it up with their flavour combinations and unusual salads. The meat used is of high quality which is noticeable in the taste. They are on a good track and we thoroughly enjoyed their flavours. We hope to see a new menu here soon with some additional milkshakes!

Tabun Kitchen

Tabun Kitchen is one of London’s only places to eat authentic and Halal Palestinian cuisine. Their name comes from the Tabun Oven which has been a staple of Palestinian Cooking for many years. They offer a range of delicious dishes based on traditional dishes, all with new twists however!

We love their core message, as well as their food. Definitely give this place  a try! P.S. a voluntary £1.00 per table will be added to your bill for the Galilee Foundation, which helps to educate Palestinians in Israel!

Follow them here on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and their Website to keep up to date with their special offers!

What did we order?

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Simit Sarayi

Simit Sarayi is a chain of Turkish Bakeries, that has since expanded its branches from Turkey, to locations all over the world. In London, they currently have branches in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Charing Cross, with more soon to come!

Simit Sarayi is the perfect place to go when you are looking for a quick snack on the go, both savoury and sweet, or to have a light bite with friends. We love the fact that it is halal friendly, so we can finally enjoy meaty and delicious pastries!

Check them out here on instagram to keep up to date of their special offers!

What did we order?

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Late Night Halal Food London

‘Late Night Halal Food London’: If you’re like us and get hungry at all times of the day, then you can relate to the frustration when you want to eat a yummy late night snack and everything is closed! In this post we’ve listed some places where you can get late night halal food in London, as well as our thoughts on the food.

If you have any other suggestions, drop us a comment below!

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Dar Marrakesh

As some of you may be aware, Dar Marrakesh on Edgware road has been quite well known for their Shisha. Recently however, they have stripped out the interior Pub, and converted the inside to a formal restaurant, serving traditional Moroccan food.

Make sure to check them out on on instagram, and check out their website.

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Tempus Gourmet Garden

Tempus Gourmet Garden in Bethnal Green has recently reopened after a year of renovation. Since their reopening they have put a focus on serving great food, and overall this has really come across. We were initially skeptical abut how the food would be as this establishment previously had a reputation for being a shisha place, but we would definitely come back as the food, service and atmosphere were all on point!

Follow them here on instagram and facebook to keep updated of any offers they have. Also, special shout out to their delicious homemade signature red chilli sauce, which they have in bottles on every table- so yummy it had to get a mention.

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Uncle G’s Gourmet Fried Chicken Co.

Uncle G’s Gourmet Fried Chicken Co is a fully Halal food truck serving the best Gourmet, Gluten free, MSG free and unprocessed fried chicken in London! Their location varies from within London to just outside. We visited them while they were stationed near Paddington station.

Follow Uncle G on his Website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to remain updated of their whereabouts!

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